Wedding Day Handbag Essentials
Lip gloss
Blotting paper (for oily skin)
Small bottle of perfume

Napoleon Perdis Lip Gloss  Variety of colors, its’ mirror shine makes lips appear fuller and sexier. Great effect for your photos!

Chanel - Rouge Coco Shine - Hydrating lipstick that is almost like a lip balm will keep your lips soft and glossy and is quite long lasting!

SKIN | If you’re planning on having a facial, be sure to book it a few weeks prior to the day should you have any reactions 
HAIR | Also have any cuts or colours done a few weeks in advance to allow for any necessary readjustments  
BODY  |  Avoid too much sun, if you choose to spray tan ensure you exfoliate well before application and have this done at least a few days before the wedding 
EYEBROWS | Have them professionally shaped, you won’t believe the difference 
DRINK PLENTY OF WATER | Flushes out toxins and your skin will love you for it! 
EXERCISE | Your skin will respond quickly, as your circulation improves and your state of general well-being rises 
RELAX | De-stress by taking a nice bath or indulge in a massage 

Allow up to one hour for the makeup application

It’s recommended to get your hair done prior to makeup application

False lashes can stay for a couple of days and can be reused 


Inspiring Makeup Top 3

Here are some tips to make sure you look and feel your absolute best on your special day

Bobbi Brown Blotting Paper – is a very good quality paper that will minimise the appearance of your skin looking oily or shiny on a very hot day. A mirror will come in handy!